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Managed Dedicated Servers

We offer fully managed dedicated servers at unbeatable prices. This is ideal for companies without an IT staff or people lacking in advanced web server knowledge. Save money and time while focusing on your core business initiatives.

Free cPanel License

With many years of experience working with cPanel versions and updates, InfoBizHosting.com is now an official cPanel license distributor! cPanel / WHM, the industry’s leading control panel for Linux servers, is now FREE with all of InfoBizHosting’s Fully Managed Servers. Run and maintain your websites easily and reliably with cPanel’s powerful interface.

Synapse Monitoring

Synapse is a proprietary multi-threaded, distributed, and high performance server monitoring system designed by InfoBizHosting that is capable of performing tens of thousands of transactions per second. Rest easily knowing your business is in good hands as InfoBizHosting monitors critical services of your server.

CORE Client Portal

CORE is a proprietary developed client portal available to all our Managed Dedicated Server Clients. In this portal you can manage your dedicated servers on demand with ease all in one easy accessible secure area. Some of the benefits of CORE are Remote Reboot Requests, RDNS Configuration, Instant Licensing, Server Statistics, Billing, Support HelpDesk and more!

Add-On Software

From client management software to billing merchant accounts, InfoBizHosting has worked hard to partner with innovative organizations to offer you add-on services that help you run your business and provide customer service at the highest level. Check out all the additional software tools that we have to offer!

DDoS Protection

InfoBizHosting is proud to offer premium hardware-based DDoS monitoring and mitigation backed by Arbor Networks, the market leader in network security. With our Arbor PeakFlow SP appliance, we can monitor, detect, and mitigate any threat or attack. InfoBizHosting’s secure network will be among the most DDoS protected in the hosting industry.

IPMI Services

Our entire line of Managed Dedicated Servers now include built-in IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface). Use IPMI to reboot your server remotely from anywhere in the world in case of network or system issues. IPMI also offers power cycle features and server health monitoring, all integrated into your CORE Client Portal.

Server Security Shield

Security is of paramount importance on today's internet. We pay special attention to each server's security, pre and post production, to provide peace of mind to our clients. All InfoBizHosting Managed Dedicated Servers undergo a five point security inspection before they are deployed to ensure they are secure and ready for production.

dedicated serverpricing table

DS 1 Intel E3-1220LV2 (Dual Core w/HT) 2.30 GHz 4 GB 1000 GB HDD (RAID 1) 2 Free IP(s) 5 TB ৳ 20000/yr Order Now
DS 2 Intel E3-1265LV2 (Quad Core w/HT) 2.50 GHz 4 GB 1000 GB HDD (RAID 1) 2 Free IP(s) 5 TB ৳ 30000/yr Order Now
DS 3 Intel E3-1265LV2 (Quad Core w/HT) 2.50 GHz 8 GB 1000 GB HDD (RAID 1) 2 Free IP(s) 10 TB ৳ 40000/yr Order Now
DS 4 Intel E3-1230V2 (Quad Core w/HT) 2.50 GHz 16 GB 1000 GB HDD (RAID 1) 2 Free IP(s) 15 TB ৳ 50000/yr Order Now